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Elijah and Friends

Elijah and Friends

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Hi, don't be shy! I'm Elijah and these are my friends. Adventurous and outspoken, we love interacting with the spaces around us — whether it's a basketball court, playground, or the backyard. It's all about movement, fun, and being active.

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  • Built with Adobe InDesign
  • Utilizes Adobe Fonts 
  • 20 total pages
  • Dimensions: 1280 x 720 pixels
  • Drag and drop images
  • Copy and paste text

What's included

  • Packaged Adobe InDesign folder
  • InDesign Document file (.indd)
  • InDesign Markup file (.idml)
  • Document fonts folder (if applicable)
  • Image Links folder


  • Cover
  • Introduction
  • Approach
  • Casting
  • Locations
  • Look & Feel
  • Tone
  • Thank You
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